4 Reasons You Should Be Adding Nootropics To Your Life

Do you sometimes feel like your brain needs a boost? One substance that you may be hearing about lately are nootropics. Nootropics as a cognitive enhancer is gaining traction in the fitness and wellness world, and for good reason. Nootropics are a major ingredient in our Motivate Sparkling Water. Check out four of the main benefits that Nootropics have to offer.

4 Reasons You Should Be Adding Nootropics To Your Life

A Little Note On Nootropics

Nootropics aren't new, but have become increasingly popular with everyone from students to business professionals and seniors. They are sometimes called “cognitive enhancers” or “smart drugs” because of their ability to enhance certain cognitive functions. Nootropics are substances—may be natural and synthetic—that modulate certain biological processes, specifically those related to neurotransmission and intercellular signaling. An example of a nootropic is caffeine (are you surprised?), which many people drink to enhance their alertness and concentration. These nootropics (and some of the ones we use at all Phenoms) are lion’s mane, panax ginseng, green tea, L-theanine, and L-cartnine.

4 Benefits Of Nootropics

Enhances Alertness

One of the cognitive processes that nootropics can affect is mental alertness and memory. Studies have found that Nootropics can help offset sleep deprivation with increased alertness, which means you can process information better and respond faster than you normally would in such a state.

Improves Concentration

Concentrating for a long period is challenging, especially when you’re tired or sleep deprived. However, Nootropics can help you be able to stay focused for a longer period for higher productivity. Working in a focused state also improves cognitive function, so it also improves the quality of your work, whatever it may be.

Improves Mood

Exhaustion and sleep deprivation also has an impact on mood. It can lead to mood swings, irritability, as well as compromise decision-making abilities. Nootropics do not only enhance cognitive function, but it can also help improve moods.

Improves Sleep Quality

Do you struggle to fall asleep quickly at night, especially after a cup of coffee or other forms of caffeine after 5 PM? Needing a boost and wanting to sleep at night is a struggle many adults face daily. With nootropics, you do not have to compromise sleep. Certain nootropics, specifically L-theanine, could help improve your sleep quality by reducing your stress, enhancing your mood. With nootropics, you stay awake and energized during the day, so you can rest easily at night.

Drinking Nootropics

all Phenoms’ sparkling water are infused with nootropics, on top of other vitamins, minerals, probiotics, botanicals, and adaptogens. All these ingredients work together to deliver hydration, daily nutrition, and energy to your mind and body throughout the day. Learn more about the 3 blends of sparkling water from all Phenoms.