About All Phenoms

As a former professional athlete and a self proclaimed health junkie, we’re always trying to keep up with the latest health trends and best new wellness products. And beverages have always been one of our favorites. You could often find us buying 3-4 at a time for their various ingredients and benefits.

But as we looked closely at labels and saw the amount of artificial ingredients, sugar, coloring and junk that was going into drinks that were made “healthy and natural”, we knew that we could create something better. And we knew that most people lived busy lives and didn't want to have to buy multiple drinks to piece together ingredients they were after.

We believed that getting clean, whole body benefits should be as easy as picking up a single can. And so the idea for all Phenoms was born.

We've crafted three delicious organic fruit infused sparkling tonics to support gut, body and mind that can be enjoyed anytime of day. Each of our drinks contain a unique blend of pre & probiotics, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics crafted to make getting the best in wellness a little bit easier.

Try Daily for simple nutrition and daily wellness. Superboost supports immune health and hydration and Motivate is crafted for better energy and focus.

We've also partnered with 1% For The Planet, because we believe that all businesses need to do their part in supporting responsible environmental practices.

Thanks for checking us out. We made all Phenoms especially...