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CLEAN ENERGY BLEND (78mg Organic Caffeine)

Sparkling Citrus Ginger

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$41.99 USD | 12 Pack
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$41.99 USD | 12 Pack

A certified organic energy blend created to uplift and help sharpen focus with added benefits for gut & body. Sparkling water, organic lemon juice and a hint of ginger come together for a refreshing, clean, and delicious taste. Pre & probiotics boost gut health and the 78mg of caffeine from Organic Green Tea extract, B Vitamin Blend, adaptogens and nootropics like Organic L-Theanine & Organic Lion’s Mane, support sustained energy and focus, any time of day. With no citrates, citric or ascorbic acid, we mean it when we say clean energy. 


  • 78 mg Green Tea Extract and L-Theanine for a balanced energy lift & attention performance
  • Pre & Probiotics to support gut health
  • B Vitamin blend to boost energy production
  • Organic Lion’s Mane, an adaptogen traditionally used to support cognitive and nerve health