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Sparkling Blueberry Mint

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$42.00 USD | 12 pack
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$42.00 USD | 12 pack
A “Super tonic” of refreshing sparkling water infused with blueberry juice to provide antioxidants and a hint of mint to provide you with a refreshing boost of hydrating and immune boosting vitamin C and Zinc, and other supportive botanicals, nootropics, and adaptogens. Perfect if you’re looking for a little health boost, around a workout for hydration or just want to make sure your immune system stays in top shape.


  • Immune system support with Echinacea, Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry
  • 300 mg of Organic Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi mushroom blend for immune health
  • Probiotics for gut health - 1 BIL CFU
  • Coconut Water and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for Hydration