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Sparkling Blueberry Mint

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$41.99 USD | 12 Pack
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$41.99 USD | 12 Pack

With a name like Superboost, it has to have a super flavor and super function. We'veĀ blendedĀ organic blueberry juice, a hint of organic mint and coconut water for a delicious, refreshing taste. It's said thatĀ health starts in the gut, so we've added prebiotics from organic plant based fiber and probiotics. With Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry, aĀ triple adaptogenic blend of Cordyceps, Reishi and Lion's ManeĀ plus hydrating sea saltĀ & marine sourced minerals, Superboost is perfect around a workout or ongoing wellnessĀ support.


  • Immune system support with Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry
  • Plant based Prebiotic Fiber and probiotics for Gut Health
  • Blend of Organic Lionā€™s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi mushroom blend for wellness support
  • Coconut Water,Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Marine Source Minerals for Hydration