Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try your products first before I buy?

We don't offer samples, but we think you'll love what we've made. Please check out our reviews and hopefully those will help you decide. If you don't like it, you could always give it to your friends as a present. Seems like a win-win, right?

Do you sell in stores?

You can find our full store list here:

We're currently in Erewhon Markets, Mother's Market's, Lazy Acres, Bristol Farms, Co-Opportunity Markets and many independents in Southern California and beyond and looking to come to your local grocery soon. Reach out with any great local suggestions to In the meantime, grab your beverages here and have them shipped straight to your door!

Do your drinks have caffeine?

Our Energy+ contains 75 mg of caffeine sourced from organic Green Tea extract. We’ve coupled that with B Vitamins, Lion’s Mane and L-Theanine to provide you with a clean, effective long lasting energy boost, for anytime of day.

There’s no caffeine in our Daily+.

Are your products Certified Organic or Non GMO?

Yes! Our entire line is USDA Organic Certified. If a product is organic, that means it is also non-GMO.

What are organic natural flavors?

Great question. Organic flavors are flavors that comply with the requirements of USDA's organic regulations. They are sourced from real, natural ingredients like fruits and contain 95+% organic ingredients (the USDA certification standard). So they're not filled with the synthetic or artificial ingredients that you’ll find in artificial flavors.

Can I drink these while pregnant, nursing, taking medicine or have a medical condition?

Since we’re not doctors, we suggest consulting with yours directly before trying any new products.

Can I return my order?

At this stage, unfortunately we cannot accept returns for either opened or unopened shipments. They can make a great gift though! If your product arrived damaged or was the wrong flavor, please contact within 5 days of delivery and our customer support team would be happy to assist you.

Do you use artifical sweetners in your drinks?

We don't use any artificial sweeteners in our products, but use organic fruit juices and purees as well as 1g of organic cane sugar. Each drink is still between 10-20 calories.

What part of the mushroom do you use in your extracts?

We using the fruiting body.