4 Ways To Stave Off A Snoozy Afternoon

Have you ever noticed that after lunch you feel a little sleepy? You may be a victim of the “2 pm slump”. Marked by a decrease in energy, motivation, and focus right after lunch, the 2 pm slump impacts most people. That is because it is caused by your body’s natural circadian rhythm which causes a dip in alertness and energy levels in the early afternoons. The 2 pm slump is made worse if you eat a high-carb lunch that can cause a spike in blood sugar followed by a crash. This can make you feel extra sluggish.

4 Ways To Stave Off A Snoozy Afternoon

If you’re run down by the 2 pm slump, here are four things you can do to perk back up:

1. Do Some Light Exercise

After lunch, opt for a little light exercise to help you get your energy back. Light exercise like going for a 10-15 minute walk, doing some yoga stretches, or if you are at the office, some desk exercises can help increase blood flow. Increasing your blood flow helps you feel more energized. Exercise also helps release endorphins which can help you feel happy and motivated.

2. Listen To Music

Nothing gets our hearts pumping and our bodies moving like some high-energy music. If you’re starting to feel your afternoon drag, pop on some pop. Uptempo music can motivate you to get more done. It can also put you in a great mood, fuel your creativity, and break you out of the slump. Select some favorite songs that get you pumped and make an afternoon playlist. You can find some productivity playlist inspo here.

3. Have A Healthy Snack

If you’re feeling your energy run down after lunch, you can help pick it back up with a snack. Avoid anything that can further contribute to a crash like something sugary or with high carbohydrates. Instead, opt for something that provides sustained energy like nuts, seeds, or crunchy veggies. You’ll be back to full steam in no time!

4. Drink A Nootropic Drink

A major contributor to the 2 pm slump is dehydration. Our bodies use a lot of fluids when digesting. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. A great option is a nootropic drink. Nootropic drinks like All Phenoms Motivate provide your body with all the hydration it needs but with a boost of energizing nootropics. Motivate contains nootropics from organic green tea extract and organic lion’s mane, along with B vitamins including B3, B5, B6, and B12. Together they will help you overcome the 2 pm slump.

These four tips will help you beat back the 2 pm slump. Make sure to keep your office stocked with All Phenoms Motivate and have a few snacks and a great playlist on hand.