Are You Getting Enough D Vitamins?

Vitamin D took the spotlight during the pandemic as a critical nutrient to boost our health. Our bodies produce vitamin D naturally from sun exposure. However, since most of us spend our days indoors, we must get plenty of vitamin D from our diets. This can be a little tricky if you aren’t tracking the nutrient content of everything you eat. Fortunately, you can easily add D vitamins to your diet with All Phenoms flavored water with vitamins.

Why Do Our Bodies Need D Vitamins

There are three essential D vitamin compounds we need: Vitamins D1, D2, and D3. D vitamins support several essential functions in the body. They help facilitate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. This helps with strengthening bones and teeth, supporting your immune system, and uplifting your mood. It is recommended that adults get 10-20 mcg (400-800 IU) of Vitamin D every day.

How To Add More Vitamin D To Your Diet

The best way to make sure that you are getting a healthy dose of vitamin D every day is to get out in the sunshine. Unfortunately, with our schedules that can be tricky. So the next best thing is to get enough from your diet. The following foods are high in Vitamin D:

Salmon (142% DV per 6 oz filet)

Mushrooms (139% DV per cup)

Sardines (36% per cup)

Fortified Milk (32% DV per 16 oz)

Tofu (28% DV per cup)

Fortified Yogurt (16% DV per cup)

Almond Milk (12% DV per cup)

Pork Ribs (12% per rack)

Canned Tuna (9% DV for 3 oz)

Eggs (6% DV per egg)

Adding these foods to your diet can help you get your daily intake. Another option is with supplementation. You can usually find your DV of vitamin D in a standard vitamin. You can also add more D vitamins to your diet with our Mango Pineapple All Phenoms Daily flavored water with vitamins. Containing 19 mcg of Vitamin D, All Phenoms Daily provides 89% of your daily vitamin D intake. 

Getting enough vitamin D is simple with the help of All Phenoms Daily flavored water. Fortified with your necessary daily vitamins, our flavored water with vitamins also contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, probiotics for gut health, and a boost of energy from organic cordyceps. Most importantly though, like all the functional waters of our All Phenoms line, Daily tastes great! If you’re looking to add more D vitamins to your diet, give it a try.