Four Signs of Healthy Hydration

There are a lot of ways to tell when you are dehydrated. You feel thirsty, tired, and weak. You can also experience symptoms like dry mouth, flaky and itchy skin, and brittle hair. However, it’s just as important to understand how to tell if you are fully hydrated and not just drinking the bare minimum. Here are 4 signs of healthy hydration.

Four Signs of Healthy Hydration

1. You Have Healthy Urine

Urine is the easiest way to monitor our hydration. If the color of your urine is pale, then you are getting enough water. If it’s dark and yellow, then it’s time to drink more water. Another thing to monitor is how frequently you are using the restroom. If you go every few hours, you’re probably good.

2. You Have Glowing Skin

Dehydrated skin is dry and flaky. This is most noticeable with darker skin tones. Those with lighter skin tones can do the fingernail test. If you drag your fingernail across your skin lightly and it leaves a white mark, you are probably dehydrated. Hydration also impacts the skin’s elasticity. Everyone should do the skin elasticity test regularly. Simply pinch your skin and if it immediately bounces back you are good. If it’s slow, drink some more water.

3. Do A Breath Check

It’s not just our oral hygiene that can cause us to have bad breath. Dehydration can also cause our breath to not smell great. That is because your mouth is not making enough saliva. This leads to bacteria building up and causing bad breath. If your breath smells good, you’re good on water.

4. You Are Not Thirsty

This sounds a bit silly but sometimes our brains don't always tell us when we are hungry. Sometimes it’s best to just check in with ourselves and see if we are thirsty. Another thing that can happen is we can confuse the signals our bodies give us for thirst and hunger. Sometimes we think we’re hungry but our bodies are telling us to drink water. Check in with yourself regularly and ask yourself, “am I thirsty?” If you’re not, then you’re hydrated.

What’s The Best Drink For Hydration?

If you find that you are not getting enough water, don’t worry. You just need to drink more fluids. Try functional water by AllPhenoms. It will not only hydrate you with water and coconut water, but it contains a lot of performance nutrients that support your whole health and well-being. Try all three of our flavors in our variety pack.