Four Ways To Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

The last few years have really highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. Our body’s natural defenses are very strong at combating even the most virulent illnesses. However, for them to operate at peak performance, we need to give them the tools and materials they need such as key nutrients and adaptogens. Here are four tips to boost our immune systems naturally:

1. Reduce Your Stress

The biggest barrier to a healthy body is stress. Stress fills our body with the hormone cortisol which disrupts our natural immune system function. We are more likely to get sick and struggle to overcome sickness when we are stressed. It’s not always possible to avoid the causes of stress, but we can do things to bolster against the impact of stress on our bodies. Meditation, exercise, minimizing screen time, reducing caffeine, and supporting your body with adaptogens can all help reduce your stress.

Four Ways To Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

2. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to protecting our health, three things always help:

1. A varied, nutrient-dense diet full of fresh whole foods
2. Daily physical fitness including aerobic and anaerobic exercises
3. A good night of both REM and NREM sleep

It’s not always possible to eat right, exercise, and get a perfect night’s sleep every day. However, if you do these three things most days, you’ll keep your immune system in great working order.

3. Stay Hydrated

We are made of around 60% water. So staying hydrated is important for all our bodily functions. Hydration is really important for your immune system because your lymph fluid is mostly water. Lymph fluid is what carries the immune cells around your body. When you are dehydrated, it slows this process down significantly. Make sure to drink roughly half your weight in ounces every single day.

4. Supplement Essential Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Another way you can work to support your immune system is with supplementation. Drinking an immunity-boosting drink can help make sure that you are getting the key nutrients to support your immune system. All Phenoms Superboost includes vitamin c and zinc which have been studied to power the immune system. Our immune-boosting drink also contains echinacea, elderberry, and a blend of lion’s man, cordyceps, and reishi mushroom. These ingredients have all been studied for boosting the immune system.

Following these four tips will help you keep your immune system strong. Superboost can help. Loaded with power-packed nutrients, our functional water can help you support your immune system and leave you hydrated and refreshed. Try it and you’ll see why!