How To Get The Minerals Your Body Needs

It seems to get more challenging every day to get the nutrition our bodies need. With our busy work schedule, family and social obligations, and unhealthy diets, we often experience nutrient deficiencies in our society. There’s a lot of focus on the value of vitamins, but minerals are also very important. Our bodies need key minerals like potassium, magnesium, and zinc to perform critical functions. Just for starters minerals have been studied to support our immune system, our muscle development and recovery, and our cardiovascular system.

How To Get The Minerals Your Body Needs

What’s The Difference Between A Vitamin And A Mineral?

Our bodies need both vitamins and minerals to be healthy. The difference between a vitamin and a mineral is pretty simple. Vitamins are organic substances that are created in the bodies of plants and animals. Minerals on the other hand are inorganic. Meaning they come from rocks, soil, and water. There are two types of minerals. The first type is macrominerals. These are minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium that you need larger amounts of every day. The second type are trace minerals, these are essential to your body’s functions but you don’t need as much, such as zinc.

How To Ensure You Are Getting The Minerals You Need

Minerals are essential to healthy body function. To ensure you get the minerals you need, it’s a good idea to track your intake. There are a lot of great smartphone apps that can do this for you, but you can also just track by writing your intake in a notebook. You want to ensure that you get both your daily macrominerals and trace minerals. The best food sources for these minerals include:

Nuts, seeds, and beans
Shellfish and seafood
Cruciferous and leafy green vegetables
Meat, eggs, and dairy

Gourmet mushrooms like reishi, cordyceps, and lion’s mane are especially high in minerals. Eating a diet rich in these ingredients will help you get the minerals you need for a healthy body and brain function.

Get Key Minerals With Functional Water

Another great way to ensure you are getting the vital minerals you need is with supplementation. All Phenoms Daily and Superboost functional waters contain both macrominerals and trace minerals. Made with organic fruit, All Phenoms functional water is a delicious and refreshing way to help ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. They’re a great addition to help supplement minerals in your diet for a healthier you.