How Yoga Benefits Your Health

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to get fit and stay healthy in the world. That is because yoga has incredible benefits for our health and our mental well-being. If you’re thinking about adding yoga to your workout or if you already love yoga but want to learn more about how yoga supports your body, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the extraordinary ways this ancient Indian physical, mental, and spiritual practice empowers your health.

How Yoga Benefits Your Health

Yoga Improves Strength, Balance, And Flexibility

Yoga uses several slow movements to help us stretch our muscles to their full potential without injury. It relies on a combination of physical and strength to help us stay balanced while transitioning through the vinyasa. The vinyasa is the flow between asana, essentially the postures. Holding asana builds our muscle strength. It is a full-body workout that helps with your overall physical health.

Yoga Helps Manage Stress

Stress is very damaging to our bodies. One of the best ways to overcome stress is with mindfulness. Yoga helps manage stress by encouraging mindfulness. Mindfulness is being present in the moment, observing your thoughts, and intentionally choosing your actions. Yoga requires mindfulness to help you focus on the challenging movements within the vinyasa. Further, mindfulness is necessary for holding the poses. Mindfulness is also very good for our health. So practicing mindfulness through yoga is a great way to reduce stress and support our overall health and well-being.

Yoga Boosts Your Mood

Happiness is great for your health. Finding ways to cultivate joy throughout the day, doesn’t just lift your mood but helps you stay strong and healthy. Yoga is a mood booster. It helps you stretch out any tension, release your stress, and get exercise endorphins. Yoga also helps you connect with a like-minded community and build lasting friendships. Friendships are great for boosting our moods and our health. Best of all, you may find that you are sleeping better at night when you practice yoga.

Overall, yoga is a great way to support your physical and mental health and well-being. Have a hard yoga workout? Try recovering with adaptogen drinks. Adaptogen drinks can help you shorten your physical recovery time. All Phenoms offer three delicious adaptogen drinks designed to support an active lifestyle. Drinking them before or after a yoga workout will help you maximize the benefits. Try our variety pack to see what flavor you love!