Making The Switch From Soda To A Functional Beverage

Whether you call it soda or pop, soft drinks are everywhere. Tasty and refreshing, it’s not surprising they are so popular. Unfortunately, most soft drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. These ingredients can cause our bodies to become out of balance, leading to fatigue and putting us at risk of long-term illnesses. They are okay as an indulgence, but they are not healthy for every day. If you’re looking to quit drinking soft drinks, it can be tough. Switching to a functional beverage can help make the transition easier.

Here are some tips:

1. Find A Functional Beverage That Tastes Great

When you drink soft drinks daily, you are consuming a lot of sugar. Studies have shown that this can change our taste buds. As we drink a lot of sugar, our taste buds are used to a lot of sugar. This causes very sweet things to taste bland. When making the switch to a functional beverage, choose a beverage that has a delicious flavor. This will help you make the switch while your taste buds readjust to a normal amount of sweetness. The good news is that functional beverages come in a fun variety of flavors. There’s one for everyone.

2. Try Functional Beverages With Vitamins

When your body is used to running on lots of sugar and caffeine, it’s easy to feel tired without those nutrients. A good way to combat fatigue is by choosing a functional beverage with vitamins. Vitamin C, D, and B vitamins all help our bodies have more energy. They’ll help you stay energized and awake while your body transitions off the harmful energizing ingredients of sodas.

3. Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, most places only offer popular soft drinks and not a functional beverage. Whether you are heading to the office or running errands, always bring a functional beverage with you. That way instead of grabbing a soda out of a vending machine, you’ll have a healthy option to drink instead. Always keep some at your desk, in your vehicle, or wherever makes the most sense in your life.

Making the switch from soft drinks to a functional beverage is a healthy idea. It can be a bit challenging to wean off the sugar and caffeine. With these tips though, you can do it. If you’d like to try a tasty, functional beverage with vitamins that will add a pep to your step, try All Phenoms Motivate. Developed to give you lasting energy throughout the day, this tasty Citrus Ginger functional beverage is the perfect option for quitting soda for good!