Meet Your New Favorite Sparkling Water

Water is arguably the healthiest drink there is. But what if we told you water could be even healthier? You read that right—we made water better. All Phenoms has created three varieties of wellness drinks that offer additional health benefits.

Functional Water Is The Future

Sparkling water as a healthier type of water may seem like an unusual idea. This totally unique wellness drink is not merely sparkling, it is filled with additional health benefits and flavors from organic and natural ingredients. That includes botanicals, fruits, vitamins, minerals adaptogens, and nootropics. Sparkling water by all Phenoms is taking sparkling water up a notch to meet the growing demand for healthier choices.

All Phenoms Sparkling Water

Meet Your New Favorite Sparkling Water

There are a plethora of drinks that offer various benefits in the market today, but most, if not all, of them offer very little by way of health benefits. In some cases, the drinks may even be more harmful than beneficial. Many popular health and vitamin drinks contain as much sugar as a soda, artifical colors and ingredients and minuscule levels of nutrients. We wanted to create a refreshing drink that offers actual wellness benefits and does not contain artificial ingredients and lots of sugar.

All Phenoms sparkling waters are all custom blends to meet different needs throughout the day. Each blend contains a unique blend of flavors, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics at meaningful levels.

Get to know the three all Phenoms sparkling water blends:


Daily is made for daily wellness and nutrition. It has the sweet flavor of mango pineapple, which is infused with daily vitamins (vitamins A, C, E, D, and K), turmeric, zinc oxide, Cordyceps, and probiotics to help you power through your day. This blend will not only boost your immune system but also give you a boost of energy.


Supperboost is the choice of sparkling water for anyone who leads an active lifetstyle or wants to keep their immune system in tip-top shape. This blend has a refreshing blueberry and mint flavor from organic fruit and botanicals and is highly hydrating thanks to coconut water and pink Himalayan salt. It is also infused with vitamin C, zinc, adaptogens and nootropics to support the immune system and add a boost of energy, and probiotics for your gut’s health.


Motivate is the blend for those who need to get things done. This blend was made to give you energy and heighten your focus with a citrus ginger flavor from organic fruit. This wellness drink is infused with green tea extract, L-carnitine, organic panax ginseng, a combination of B vitamins, and nootropics.