Nootropic Beverage As Your Refreshing Coffee Alternative

Coffee! What would we ever do without you? The perfect pick-me-up. Always fresh, hot, and ready first thing in the morning. However, as much as we love coffee, it’s not always the right beverage for our needs. Coffee can be a little heavy during the summer months even when we have it iced. In these times, an All Phenoms Motivate nootropic beverage is the perfect coffee alternative. It provides the pep in your step you need from coffee, but with the refreshing hydration of a refreshing sparkling beverage.

Nootropic Beverage As Your Refreshing Coffee Alternative

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics, also known as “cognitive enhancers,” are substances used to improve cognitive function. There are many types of nootropics found naturally in herbs, mushrooms, and botanicals. Depending on the type of nootropics, they help support memory, creativity, motivation, and attention. They are typically used to enhance or improve focus, productivity, and overall performance. The most commonly-known nootropic is caffeine. Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical agent that provides energy and alertness.

What Is A Nootropic Beverage?

A nootropic beverage is a type of beverage that contains nootropic ingredients. Coffee is a very popular nootropic beverage. Other nootropic beverages include tea, energy drinks, and functional waters. Nootropic beverages can occur naturally, while others are formulated for maximum nootropic benefit. Nootropic drinks can help improve mental focus, alertness, and productivity, while also reducing stress and fatigue.

Why You Should Drink Nootropic Beverages

Any coffee lover knows the benefits of drinking a nootropic beverage. They have experienced the improved cognitive function and alertness that comes from the nootropic caffeine. Nootropic beverages can help you get more done in a day. They can also help you be more creative with your ideas and more focused on your goals. It’s why giving up coffee is also so hard. Nootropic drinks make a difference in our daily lives.

Rather than drinking a hot coffee this summer, you can still keep the nootropics without the heaviness. Switch out your morning coffee with  All Phenoms Motivate. Motivate is a refreshing, citrus ginger beverage perfect for replacing your coffee. It is a clean energy blend made with a serious boost of 78 mg of caffeine from Organic Green Tea extract. Motivate also contains adaptogens, B vitamin blend, and additional nootropics like Organic Lion’s Mane & Organic L Theanine. You’ll have lasting sustained energy throughout the day, all from a refreshing functional beverage.