Phenomenal Pairings For Your Summertime Barbecue Favorites

Summer is the best time to have a cookout with all your friends. The weather is beautiful, there’s a ton of great produce in season, and gathering outside is a fun way to meet up with all your friends. But often you're faced with the standard options of sugary sodas, seltzers or beer. And with more and more people looking for healthy or alcohol free alternatives, we've got some better options that are sure to please. All Phenoms functional sparkling beverages are hydrating, healthy and pairs beautifully with your favorite barbecue dishes. Here are our favorite ways to pair All Phenoms at the cookout.

Daily: Sparkling Mango Pineapple

Our Daily flavored water with vitamins offers a sweet tropical mango-pineapple flavor. Daily pairs well with grilled shellfish like shrimp, oysters, and lobster. It’s also excellent when paired with Mexican barbecue favorites like barbacoa tacos and elote. We love it with Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken and grilled red snapper. It’s also the perfect pairing for grilled veggie dishes like kebabs or even just classic grilled corn.

Superboost: Sparkling Blueberry Mint

Superboost flavored water with vitamins has a rich berry flavor that is softened with just the perfect amount of mint, creating the ideal refreshment on a hot day. We love pairing Superboost with red meats like a beautiful ribeye or sirloin steak. It’s great with any kind of burger including bison, turkey, and vegan burgers. Finally, it pairs beautifully with freshwater fish like salmon or trout, especially when smoked.

Motivate: Sparkling Citrus Ginger

Our Motivate flavored water with vitamins is best to drink at the start of the barbecue. It provides a ton of great energy so you can beat everyone at cornhole. Motivate has an invigorating citrus flavor with just a hint of ginger. We love pairing this with hot chicken wings. It’s also the perfect compliment for Korean BBQ like pork bulgogi and beef galbi. It’s also very tasty with a BBQ tofu or jackfruit dish for the vegans.

No matter what you are serving at your barbecue, All Phenoms flavored water with vitamins is the perfect beverage to serve. If you can’t decide which flavor you want to serve, we’ve got you covered. Our Sample Six Pack comes with two of each of our delicious flavors. With the sample pack, you can make sure that you have a flavor everyone loves at the cookout. They’re a tasty alternative!