Preparing Yourself For Cold And Flu Season

As the weather cools down and we head back inside its time to start thinking about how you’re keeping your immune system in fighting shape One of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness is to avoid catching it in the first place, but during the season of festivites that’s probably unrealistic. Practicing safe hygiene and boosting your immune system can help keep you protected. Here are some immunity-boosting tips to prepare your immune system for the cold and flu season.

Make Small Healthier Choices This Season

All the decisions we make impact our immune system, including in our nutrition. Things like drinking alcohol, overconsuming comfort foods, and eating too much sugar can all negatively impact how our body function and our system can perform. Unfortunately it can be difficult during the season of candy, comfort foods and celebrations to avoid these things. (And not much fun either.) However, remember its a marathon, and not a sprint, so making balanced smart swaps where you can can go a long way.

So head to the veggie tray first, before hitting the cookie tray. Switch alcoholic drinks like champagne for non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. Finally, if you know you are attending a party with lots of holiday treats, try to fill the rest of the day with healthy foods. These small choices will make a big impact on your immune health.

Give Your Body The Support It Needs

The best way to think about our immune systems during cold and flu season is as an army that fights against microbial intruders. Wouldn’t you rather have an army that is well equipped with everything they need to fight invaders than one that isn’t? That’s why it is important to provide your immune system with the right nutrients and botanicals. Key immune-boosting nutrients and botanicals include:

Vitamin C
Pre & Probiotics
Vitamin D
B Vitamins
Curcumin (active compound in Turmeric)
Medicinal Mushrooms

Make sure that you are adding these nutrients and botanicals to your daily diet to equip your immune system.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do for our health. A hydrated system is able help flush any toxins or intruders out of our system. Water helps carry oxygen to your immune cells. It also supports digestion and keeps our energy levels high. On the other Being dehydrated created more work for your body and will tax your immune system. Drink plenty of water and immunity booster drinks to stay hydrated all season long.

Following these tips and practicing safe hygiene will help support your system and reduce the your risk of the dreaded cold & flu season. If you’re looking for an immunity booster drink, try Superboost from All Phenoms. This hydrating functional water contains vitamin C, zinc,  elderberry, Pre & probiotics, and more to help support a healthy immune system. Not to mention it tastes great! Daily contains Vitamins C, D3 and K2 along with Zinc Turmeric, Pre & Probiotics and Cordyceps for great wellness essentials.