Revamping Your Nighttime Routine

Feeling groggy in the mornings? Tossing and turning at night? Having trouble falling asleep or worse, staying asleep? It might be time for a new nighttime routine. Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Not getting enough sleep can impact our mood, increase our blood pressure, and weaken our immune system. If you are not getting enough sleep or getting poor sleep, here are some ways to transform your nighttime routine to help.

1. Settle On A Bedtime

One of the best ways to get a good night's sleep is to stick to a consistent nighttime routine. That means going to bed at the same time every day. Having a regular bedtime supports your natural sleep-wake cycle. It helps your body understand when it can begin winding down for the day.

2. Be Mindful Of Devices

Many of us like to lie in bed and scroll through social media posts. Others like to watch television as we fall asleep. Both may help us unwind, but they can both be very disruptive to our sleep cycles. If you use your phone in bed, make sure to turn off the blue light. Blue light is extremely disruptive to our sleep cycles. If you’re a television watcher, make sure to set your TV on a timer to shut off while you fall asleep.

3. Do A Mindfulness Exercise

Before you head to bed, a healthy way to unwind is with mindfulness exercises. Yoga, meditation, and journaling can all help you decompress before bed. Yoga can help you release the tension in your body. Meditation and journaling can help you express your thoughts so they don’t keep you up at night.

4. Try A Bedtime Beverage

One of the things that can help you revamp your nighttime routine is to make it special. Unwinding with a delicious beverage provides a calming ritual that can help put you in the mood for sleep. Alcoholic beverages make you feel tired but they are very disruptive to our sleep patterns. Rather than having a glass of wine or a cocktail, try unwinding with wellness drinks. Wellness drinks contain ingredients like turmeric and magnesium that support relaxation and restful sleep.

These four tips will help you get a more restful night’s sleep. If you’d like to add wellness drinks to your nighttime routine, try All Phenoms. Made with natural ingredients, they contain vitamins and minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals all to support a healthier and more rested you. Not sure what flavors to get? We recommend our caffeine-free Daily in mango-pineapple and Superboost in blueberry-mint flavors.