What Is Currently Trending In The World of Functional Beverages?

As more people become concerned about their overall health, the functional beverage market is growing. Functional beverages provide more nutrients and hydration than other soft drinks. According to market reports, the functional beverage market in the United States is worth $129.31B and will grow to $279.4B by 2030. As this market grows we’re seeing the emergence of new trends.


Here are some of the most popular trends in functional beverage:

1. Including Nootropic Mushrooms

Nootropic mushrooms are a really popular ingredient right now as people look for healthy options to support focus, energy, and productivity. Mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi are quickly becoming must-have ingredients for functional beverages because of their powerful effects. They are especially popular in coffee alternatives and functional beverages.

2. Healthier Alternatives To Popular Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are still extremely popular. However, many of the most popular brands are loaded with sugar, artificial dyes, and caffeine. As the market grows, healthier alternatives are being introduced. Functional beverages with healthy energy sources like vitamin B, vitamin C, and green tea are becoming more and more popular. They provide plenty of energy without the damaging side effects.

3. Functional Beverage Flavors Are Expanding

When functional beverages first hit the market, they capitalized on the most popular soft drink flavors. However, as more people are starting to use them regularly, the flavor profiles are expanding. We’re seeing delicious combinations of not just fruits, but with herbs and spices too. These appeal to a broader market because they have flavors for every palate and taste preference.

4. Ditching The Animal Products

As people are learning about the environmental impacts of excessive meat production, many are looking for ways to add more plant-based products. Functional beverages, especially mass-manufactured energy drinks, can sometimes contain lactic acid or artificial colorants that are derived from animals. Functional beverage companies are moving away from these ingredients and opting for vegan ingredients instead.

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