What is functional water?

sparkling functional water close up

Water made for better wellness

Wait, isn’t all water functional? The answer is yes, but there’s more…

Water is naturally “functional”. It keeps you hydrated and makes your entire system function. But today’s “functional water” is a new(ish) category of drinks designed to offer additional health and other functional benefits. With an increased consumer interest in health, these waters are enhanced by supplemental ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, acids, herbs, raw fruits or vegetables and claim to serve a variety of different needs.

Benefits of functional water

If you’ve visited any grocery, health store, Amazon or even your social media feed,  you’ll know there’s no shortage of functional or “healthy” waters and drinks on the market. There’s everything from alkaline waters to help neutralize acid in the body, sports focused electrolyte-enhanced water to help fight dehydration, caffeine spiked waters for energy boosts, probiotic enhanced for gut support and waters with herbs added for a slew of other benefits. And we’ve probably tried them all.

Building a better sparkling water

The problem is that many drinks only offer minuscule amounts of the beneficial ingredients, don’t taste great or you’d have to drink several different drinks to get the nutrition you’d need in a day. Not to mention a lot of the stuff that goes into these drinks isn’t actually healthy for you either.  And that's not good for you, your wallet or the planet.

all Phenoms Sparkling Water

So we set out to build something different with all Phenoms. Custom blends for throughout your day, with the real, healthy ingredients you need with levels that actually mean something. It’s better wellness made simple. #Allforthephenomenalyou