Customer Reviews

"The Daily is aptly named: It’s the perfect way to start every day. I loved the taste, a mix of my two favorite flavors — pineapple and mango, with a hint of bubbles. The combo was light and refreshing, which was a happy surprise considering the drink’s bounty of vitamins and wellness benefits."

Alyssa R

"Daily: Great taste and refreshing. Fun way to get my daily vitamins for the day!

Superboost: An amazing post workout refresher and pick me up. Been feeling a bit rundown and I loved all the ingredients in it that boosted my system."

Jen L

"I loved Motivate. Most other drinks with ginger get overpowered. This has the subtleness of ginger that gave it a nice zing. Sipping this throughout the day, I could stay focused without feeling the crash I’ve had with other energy drinks or just caffeine."


Not Like Any Other Vitamin Drink!

I’ve tried Daily, SuperBoost, and Motivate drinks and they were all incredible. The ingredients are so pure and natural that you don’t get that artificial, vitamin taste like in most vitamin drinks. It’s so easy to get your daily vitamin intake now without taking any pills! I highly recommend!

Sara B